What have we done for Cav Shoes?

We strengthened the online presence of Cav Shoes, which produces handmade footwear, offered a better shopping experience to its customers and carried out special efforts to increase sales. We also contributed to customer loyalty by offering a special solution to the company’s dealers.


In the strongest possible contrast to the factory-made article, pair of CAV’s handmade shoes is a work of art, unique to their owner. They are created by deep knowledge of the shapes, deep knowledge of leather and fabrics. CAV represent uniqueness and exclusivity. Our master shoemakers know how to shape each single item of the shoe for it to fit like a glove.

A choice of absolute quality which translates into the guarantee of having superior quality shoes for our customers.

CAV works together with a lot of men’s fashion companies who wish to add high quality craft shoes to their collections. Shoes distinguished by a unique design that is able to combine together the concepts of elegance, modernity and trendiness.

The models of shoes are also provided with customized packaging for each pair.

What we did?

In our WordPress Solutions work, we created a modern, user-friendly website for CAV Shoes that reflects the brand identity. Using the powerful and flexible infrastructure of WordPress, we provided the opportunity to showcase the company’s shoe collection in an impressive way. We emphasised user experience in website design and designed an interface where visitors can easily explore products, access detailed information and have a smooth shopping experience.

In our E-Commerce Solutions work, we used WooCommerce, a powerful e-commerce platform, to increase CAV Shoes’ online sales. We created an e-commerce infrastructure where products can be easily managed, secure payment methods are integrated and users can easily follow the steps in the shopping process. In this way, CAV Shoes was able to offer its customers a secure and user-friendly shopping experience.

In our SEO Optimisation work, we implemented various SEO strategies to make CAV Shoes’ website more visible in search engines and increase organic traffic. By using keyword research, content optimisation, editing meta tags and other SEO techniques, we made CAV Shoes easier to be found by target audiences and attract more visitors.

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As a result of these efforts, CAV Shoes strengthened its online presence, offered a better shopping experience to its customers and increased its sales. If you want to strengthen your company’s digital presence and achieve online success, UA Creative Agency will be happy to serve you. Contact us and let’s experience the excitement of co-operation together!


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